help us help them


The Vegan Alliance was established in 2015 using social media as a platform to spread the message of ethical veganism. Soon after that we launched TVA podcast (available on iTunes) and used our savings to start printing a small number of tshirts to support animal charities. We used some profit to reinvest to print more, and more. This brings us to 2019 where, thanks to everyones support at vegan festivals around Australia, we are able to print more items and always donate 100% of our profits. We only support registered charities that we can visit ourselves (so that we can verify their work and their message). Your purchase also goes to help our own rescue animals Kev and Derek the cow, Arnold the miniature pony and Mama Pig and Pierre the Bali rescue pigs. We give up our time for TVA because we believe that veganism is the moral baseline for living on this planet, and we want to help others to share and understand this message. We have no interest in taking anything for ourselves. For the animals.